Wesley may pull up in a super cool Jeep looking like he’s ready for his next off roading adventure but don’t be fooled. He’s all brains and business on the job spending his day on data mining, data analytics, office automation / efficiency improvements and reporting. His passion for gathering information keeps AFG a cutting-edge resource to our customers in the automotive industry.

  1. Restaurant: Empa Mundo – World of Empanadas
  2. Song: Rhapsody in Blue by George Gershwin
  3. Travel: Iceland for mountains, weather, and scenery; Belize for relaxation, beaches and laid-back, small town feel; Tortola for scuba diving, beaches, and a more relaxing vacation.

Wesley has a diverse range of hobbies from swing dancing to baking, snowboarding to fishing; anything physical or outside to get away from technology for a while and come back refreshed.

Not-So-Fun Fact

His first helicopter ride was a CareFlite off the continental divide outside of Colorado Springs after he flipped an ATV, bounced it off his chest, collapsed a lung and tore his ACL.