“When you’re finished changing then you’re finished” Rhett Ricart began his closing talk quoting Ben Franklin. The chairman then reminded his audience, “Change is our ally. Change is opportunity. Change is inevitable.”

 The NADA Show 2020 continued to invite the automotive industry’s performers to embrace the inevitable changes already at its door. Change isn’t a speed bump in the road unless its resisted. But when it comes to technology, change empowers users to greater speed. 

When asked about dealer profitability, GM’s Chairman and CEO Mary Barra challenged dealers to consider, “Technology is changing a lot the way our business is run. Changing your business as well. How can we use technology […] to take our costs down so we can be faster, more nimble and give customers an even better experience?”

AFG.tech is answering that question. The company is committed to providing technology innovations to the retail automotive industry that will allow dealers to ride through the changes smoothly. 

The influential GM CEO continued, “We’ve gotta lead the transformation. We can’t cling to the past. We can’t just say ‘Well I want it to be the way it was …’ We have to lead and be the best at using technology and delighting our customers and that’s the way we’ll stay in business.”

Technology is affecting every industry and those that don’t keep up go out of business.  Case in point, when’s the last time you went into a store to rent a hit video? 

Change can seem daunting especially where technology is concerned. AFG.tech’s mission is to provide technology resources that will lower your costs and simplify your processes for you and your customers. We are a company birthed from automotive industry leaders who love dealers and want to drive them to greater success. We are here to help you stay in business. Are you ready to lead the transformation?