Erick Roberts

VP of Software Development

Erick has 15 years of experience as a servant leader to large and small teams. He enjoys building and coaching high performing teams to provide business units with innovative projects and successful outcomes.

As a highly engaged transformational leader with an established track record of facilitating groups and individuals to perform at their optimum potential, he has refined his leadership strategies and gained a depth and breadth of management experience across multiple business sectors, including military technology, software development, plant production, warehouse, maintenance, inventory, automation, and project management.

Erick and Juli, his wife of two decades, have 8 children together. They enjoy all things outdoors and many different types of martial arts and combat sports.

Erick served 12 years in the military both the Navy and the Army. He makes probably the best buttermilk pancakes ever. If you are ever in Northwest Arkansas, please reach out.

A part of the reason Erick landed in software development is that he has always loved to troubleshoot and build things. Software offers the irresistible opportunity for creative thinking and problem solving.