Travis Gates, President of, brought his growing leadership team together on Tuesday to lay a foundation for the company through vision casting, strategic planning and, of course, great food. 

It’s evident that he’s building a culture that is not restricted by proximity or gender. The company is proud that its first VP’s are women who earned their title for their knowledge of the business, professionalism and commitment to the company and customers. is a remote company that offers employees the flexibility to work from anywhere. After countless phone calls and collaborations, Deborah Greene was excited to finally meet Paige Porter-Buhl, who flew in from Florida for the big event. The respect the team had developed for each other’s expertise and work ethic while working remotely yet together allowed for immediate next level relationships to be formed. 

The meeting began with vision casting unlike any other the President’s team had experienced. He explained that he was building a team that can make his vision a reality. Gates began going around the room highlighting all who were present, taking the time to affirm why each were chosen and to thank them for their part in the company’s success. 

His vision isn’t only that would be renowned for its gratifying innovations that catapult the Retail Automotive Industry to greater triumphs. His vision includes growth, success and promotion for each on his team. 

The culture of this company was becoming more evident as Travis spoke and the team connected. It is a culture of honor, equality and creativity.

Having known Travis for fourteen years,’s CTO Jurgen Beck describes him as a people magnet. “[Travis] recognizes people and their ability to bring things to the table. He surrounds himself with people like a magnet to put things into place.” Simply put, talent is drawn to Gates and he finds a place for them to shine.

Now that the leadership infrastructure was in place and the culture and the vision established,’s foundation had been laid assuring sustained growth. The leaders were ready for the next step. The team began to passionately strategize plans that would enable them to swiftly and seamlessly provide experiences for the many dealers and agents who are ready to onboard to TRONIX.

The meeting was intense at times as details were ironed out. Every department offering valuable insights while munching on gourmet popcorn. The group of technology pioneers used their creativity to establish the future of a software that grows with the needs of its users. 

Keeping in mind Gates’ vision for the company and his exhortation, “Let us not allow the status quo to dictate tomorrow,” optimism to do something that’s never been done before drove the team to envision the future they are desiring to create.